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This iPhone single take of the Hermitage is incredible and long… I’ve got it AirPlaying on the TV at the moment A place I’ve always wanted to visit.

🎨 Chirpy the Bengal Eagle Owl - one of the founding birds of Walworth Birds of Prey Done this afternoon in acrylic on Dibond aluminium panel 180x150mm

🎨 Goshawk



🎨 Great Tit crossing Acrylic on cradled board 200x150mm


🎨 Almost Spring like this morning with the Blue Tits on the Hazel trees.

Acrylic on cradled wood panel 200 x 150 mm at auction


I didn’t realise that the desktop micro.blog app converted pngs to jpgs 🀨 and I was trying to keep my paintings out of the photo stream - note to self.

🎨 My morning walk was accompanied by a Common Gull feeding on the newly mucked field 160x180mm acrylic on Dibond

New page up with revised mapping method used here.

Re-arranged things, so no-longer does my Map page take over the single template and I can use the official Photos arrangement (and Replies if I want) πŸ‘ Edit: but I’ll have to remember to upload pngs for my paintings…

🎨 Oyster Catchers Saw my first Oyster Catchers of the year this morning. Daily Painting at auction www.ebay.co.uk/itm/26465…

🎨 Black Swan stretch Daily (nearly) Painting. Acrylic on cradled wood panel 200x150mm davidhall.uk/glimpses/…

Hmm, sticking with my former keyboard.


πŸ“· Some sizeable trees brought down with the recent floods


Hmm, Editorial seems to be misbehaving with grabbing the location data, but thanks to Gluon always having the Title field visible, using Apple Maps to get the coords and pasting it straight in is actually much easier πŸ‘

One drawback of having my Map page is it occupies the _default/single template, so I can’t use a Replies or Photos page πŸ€”

🎨 Otter at the Lido Acrylic on Dibond 150x180mm Daily Painting at auction davidhall.uk/glimpses/…

🎨 Folly Fox Acrylic on Dibond 150 x 180 mm Daily Painting at auction davidhall.uk/glimpses/…


🎨 Been seeing the Buzzard regularly on my morning walks, and with the overnight snow, thought it would make a suitable subject.

Acrylic on Dibond panel 150 x 180 mm

Daily Painting at auction davidhall.uk/glimpses/…

πŸ“· Snow here on the River Greta ⛄️

Oops, mu new iMac doesn’t look very happy to come out of it’s box…

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