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The MapFinder replacement by OS Maps has prompted me to move to Viewranger I can still get the UK OS maps plus everywhere else. A more sophisticated product.

Just started reading a book bought for my birthday last year, now I’ve moved house (twice) and really enjoying it. A fascinating account of an early fighter pilot’s life James McCudden Flying Fury πŸ“š

Test from micropublish to my test micro.blog using location information and the swarm plugin - successful πŸ‘

Hey my micro.blog-swarm plugin is live on the list github.com/microdotb… πŸ˜ƒ

Foursquare Swarm is now working via OwnYourSwarm to micro.blog articles and map. Can’t find any issues so far… hopefully plugin to come https://hall-test.micro.blog/2020/07/13/the-morritt-country.html

Map Plugin now varied to accept Foursquare logins via OwnYourSwarm - creates a link to and from a micro.blog map. @manton Example: hall-test.micro.blog/2020/07/1…

GeoTag plugin

OK so the GeoTag plugin is working OK now with the Kiko theme. There is a duplication of the css link in the head of the page, but better than leaving-out the javascript link as it was at first. There are styling issues with other themes, but I’ll have to find a happy medium so it generally works. Warning though - it uses the “Title” field for coordinates, so not for everybody. I get my coordinates using a shortcut from Apple maps on my iPhone which opens Gluon - because the Title field is always available and you don’t have to paste in lots of text to reveal it. πŸ‘ GeoTag plugin on Github

Hmm, do I want Cyph? Now that Zoom has acquired Keybase I’ve got an invite to join Cyph, but not sure if I want a new secure (even if it is the most secure) messaging/encryption solution, with Bitcoin wallet… Did you jump @eli ?

A world of colour.

✈️ Just love Ivan Shaw’s ISA 180 Seeker

Looks like Google Calendars are screwed.

✈️ I find this very exciting news πŸ‘ World’s first type certificate for electric aircraft to Pipistrel - FLYER

When I heard about Hey email, I thought about ippimail and the way it went - trouble was, they forgot to charge for the service.

Rooting through some old teenage drawings for model aircraft - may get out X-Plane and fashion a model. ✈️


Wow, just got an email from the long forgotten sublevel, now back as Subreply.

Eyed Hawk-moth (undisturbed - so not showing “eyes”) Smerinthus ocellata

With every breath we take, we must commit to being that change, and to creating a better, more just world forΒ everyone.

β€” Tim Cook πŸ’¬

πŸ“· all quiet near Barnard Castle 😢

As a (free trial) subscriber of Apple TV+, I just had a helluva hard time finding anything on my iPad, until I relaunched the tv app. The bottom menu bar had not been showing, therefore limiting me to my purchased library only. Every time I linked through from the itunes store, it just went to my purchased films 😬

From Dairy Bridge to the Meeting of the Waters.

From Dairy. Bridge.


Luna went bang on point on going around the end of a wall. I expected the usual Pheasant, but amazingly (especially at this time of day) it was a Nightjar on the ground, within 6 feet. It gently wafted into a nearby tree, but flew off again before I could get close enough with my iPhone.


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