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📷 Morning

Just ordered Bluemantle by Karen Langston 📚

Currently reading: Little Book Of Humanism by Alice Roberts 📚

Thinking of Luna


Quick evolution of my drawing of leaves! This one pencil on cartridge paper (1986), previous leaf on drafting film, before that watercolour on Arches smooth paper and finally a Procreate drawing on an iPad (3rd Gen.) Now I have an iPad pro 12.9”, working on some new stuff 😃🎨






The MapFinder replacement by OS Maps has prompted me to move to Viewranger I can still get the UK OS maps plus everywhere else. A more sophisticated product.

Just started reading a book bought for my birthday last year, now I’ve moved house (twice) and really enjoying it. A fascinating account of an early fighter pilot’s life James McCudden Flying Fury 📚

Test from micropublish to my test micro.blog using location information and the swarm plugin - successful 👍

Hey my micro.blog-swarm plugin is live on the list github.com/microdotb… 😃

Foursquare Swarm is now working via OwnYourSwarm to micro.blog articles and map. Can’t find any issues so far… hopefully plugin to come https://hall-test.micro.blog/2020/07/13/the-morritt-country.html

Map Plugin now varied to accept Foursquare logins via OwnYourSwarm - creates a link to and from a micro.blog map. @manton Example: hall-test.micro.blog/2020/07/1…

GeoTag plugin

OK so the GeoTag plugin is working OK now with the Kiko theme. There is a duplication of the css link in the head of the page, but better than leaving-out the javascript link as it was at first. There are styling issues with other themes, but I’ll have to find a happy medium so it generally works. Warning though - it uses the “Title” field for coordinates, so not for everybody. I get my coordinates using a shortcut from Apple maps on my iPhone which opens Gluon - because the Title field is always available and you don’t have to paste in lots of text to reveal it. 👍 GeoTag plugin on Github

Hmm, do I want Cyph? Now that Zoom has acquired Keybase I’ve got an invite to join Cyph, but not sure if I want a new secure (even if it is the most secure) messaging/encryption solution, with Bitcoin wallet… Did you jump @eli ?